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Sturdy Tips

We take our work seriously! Here are just some trade secrets, tricks, and tips that can help make your projects more sturdy:

How to prevent fence boards from bowing: #sturdyTips

22-12-2020 14:18:53

#sturdyTips - sand and use cut and seal when ripping PT Lumber for a smooth consistent finish.

30-10-2020 19:21:55

#sturdytips Checking the up-rights

11-06-2020 14:36:35

#sturdyTips - how to use string to set up a line

28-05-2020 04:03:12

How to square off your deck. We actually went with 9x12x15 #sturdytips #howToSquareOffaDeck

27-03-2020 15:51:38

#sturdytips : how to remove stripped or bend screws.

14-02-2020 19:09:05

#sturdytips Building a deck frame on a concrete platform .

02-11-2019 00:16:41

This is exactly why you use galvanized screws, brackets and galvanized nails for fence boarding only! #sturdytips

11-07-2019 13:10:56