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We provide STURDY construction for fences, decks, pergolas, railings, stairs and more!

It's not just our name - it's what we do! Sturdy Decking & Fencing Fences, Decks, Pergolas, Railings, Stairs and More:

We are a team of skilled professionals who provide quality work for both residential and commercial installations.

Call us to speak directly to a field expert who knows how to complete, manage, and deliver a quality project with any feature, ornamentation, or style you require. No project is too big!

We are One of Four fence and deck builders approved and vetted by Home Depot!

Homeowners across the GTA are finding out that there is a new number one player in town providing the strongest variety in design and build of decks, fences, pergolas, stairs, and railings, with quality work that improves property value and family enjoyment.

It is important to book early: Our schedule fills up relatively quickly with great projects, if you require professional, exceptional craftmanship, and great attention to detail in your project - we strongly suggest Contacting Us as soon as possible.